Corps Security Customer Charter

Corps Security’s key operational objective is to ensure the security, safety and wellbeing of our customers’ people, property and assets. Equally important is our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive an unrivalled level of service that always guarantees satisfaction.

Our service commitments

These principles are enshrined in our Customer Charter, a document held by each of our valued subscribers. Based around the acronym PRIDE (proactivity, reliability, integrity, delivery and enthusiasm) the charter details how we will review and improve our service wherever and whenever we are able. It lays down our service commitments and confirms our expectations for partnership working.

  • Proactivity

We maintain a strict regime of continuous service review and appraisal, and analyse our achievements against agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). In the unlikely event of any perceived underperformance we react quickly with defined timelines for completion. We also expect the customer to designate a contact with whom we can liaise on an ongoing basis and meet with once a month.

  • Reliability

All manned guarding personnel are appropriately screened and licensed to complete the duties asked of them. Customers are expected to assist in compiling the required assignment training module – guiding us as appropriate – and adhere to agreed lines of communication.

  • Integrity

We always abide by, and remain compliant with, each of the operating directives that are relevant to our industry. Just as importantly, we never lie, mislead or misinform customers, or make promises that can’t be delivered against. Customers are also expected to provide a safe working environment for our site based staff and treat them with respect.

  • Delivery

Prior to contract commencement, we survey a customer’s premises and list those areas of concern that we believe may have detrimental effect to their property, staff and business interests. On appointment, we compile and maintain bespoke and comprehensive assignment instructions, which confirm all of our customer’s service requirements. Likewise, we expect unhindered access so that we may fully assess any potential risks or hazards that may impact upon our staff.

  • Enthusiasm

We believe that it is better to contribute rather than simply take part. We share our customer’s aims, ambitions and expectations for their security function and continuously offer suggestions for improvement. Feedback is essential – should we underperform we expect to be told so that we can improve. Equally, if we exceed, we expect to receive confirmation so that we may repeat any actions.

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The Corps Security Customer Charter

  • Given to all of our customers
  • Details how we will review and improve our service and be enthusiastic, trustworthy, honest and ethical
  • Outlines a commitment to developing an excellent relationship with our customers
  • Ensures that we provide an unrivalled level of service that guarantees satisfaction

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