Centrica with CBRE

A collaborative approach to security.

Corps Security has been working with multinational energy company Centrica since early 2021, through our highly successful partnership with global workplace solutions company CBRE.

The contract really is an example of true collaboration, with shared values and a commitment to people forming the foundation of our security solution.


Headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire Centrica’s principal activity is the supply of electricity and gas to consumers throughout the UK. The contract includes more than 18 operational locations spanning the entire length and breadth of the UK and sees over 50 security colleagues working together to achieve exceptional results and the protection and positive promotion of the Centrica brand.

Together Centrica and CBRE were looking for a more collaborative approach to security provision and a service partner with the capability to support their future service ambitions.

With a site-based centralised security operations centre, monitoring abilities were a key consideration for the business. Corps with our state-of-the art ARC and monitoring centre in Glasgow were well positioned to fulfil all of Centrica’s requirements.

Corps Security - Integrated Guarding Case Study - Centrica with CBRE


Throughout the tender process both Centrica and CBRE had made clear their service aspirations and future strategy, focussing on the welfare and development of the security teams. So Corps focus on engaging with site colleagues, building relationships and doing all we can to support Centrica’s ambitions, creating a working environment that attracts and retains the very best personnel.


Our solution combines physical security guarding and remote monitoring services as well as travel risk support and the operation of a sophisticated GOC (Global Operations Centre). Corps personnel operate reception areas too, providing a warm welcome to all visitors and Centrica staff, ensuring everyone is happy, knows where they are going and are aware of any sitespecific safety guidance.

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‘‘CBRE and Centrica were looking for a security partner with integrity. One that would strive to do the best not just in relation to the service, but for frontline security teams and could offer wider capability with a personal touch. Having worked with Corps for many years, CBRE knew they could offer all of this and more and they certainly haven’t disappointed. Since taking over the contract the service has gone from strength to strength.’’