Severe is the second highest of five possible UK threat levels that have been used by the government since 2006 to warn of terrorist activity. It indicates the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the UK is highly likely, although speaking at the time Theresa May stressed that there was no information to suggest an attack was imminent.

However, Peter Webster believes that all organisations – particularly those with strong links to the USA or UK – must step up their counter terrorism activities. Drawing on his vast knowledge and experience as leader of the nation’s leading provider of specialist security solutions, Peter Webster said, ‘I fully appreciate that this is easier said than done and countering covert threats can be difficult. However, what I find concerning is that there is sometimes a reluctance to look at the bigger picture in terms of identifying the reasons that a particular organisation could be a target, where a threat might originate from and what to do about it.’

Peter Webster argues that the key to effective preventative action is for companies to undertake a comprehensive risk and threat assessment. He concluded, ‘One of the main barriers to effective security is a “silo mentality” rather than an inclusive policy of shared thinking, planning and action using the concept of convergence of security risk. Adopting this approach will require some organisations to re-examine their existing security strategies but it is only by doing so that they will be in the best possible position to address this clear and present danger.’

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