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The role of the security officer has evolved dramatically as a result of cultural shifts and the global impact of terrorism.  Traumas of 7/7 and the devastating attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market have changed the way security is implemented across the world, especially within high risk capital cities. It’s now more critical than ever that security services are agile and remain ahead of the curve.

The pace of technological advancement has also had a considerable impact on enhancing security solutions for the varying requirements of today’s organisations. Electronic security and monitoring solutions monitored by centres like Corps Monitoring safely deliver 24/7 security surveillance, removing the risks for manned guards.

Electronic smart task devices elevate accountability as they log and guide patrols in real time, prompting officers to make important security checks. Officers book in and out at each location and must follow the safety checks before they can move on to the next area. This ensures all points are vigilantly monitored which reduces the risk of error.

Officers now also have access to real time workforce apps that provide a platform to raise concerns, communicate with management, and access HR information at the click of a button. This facilitates knowledge sharing, connects the workforce and streamlines processes.

Gone are the days when a security officer was a silent figure that watched from the doors of a building. The role of the security officer is much broader than a decade ago and is now a unique blend of security and front of house services. As well as a need for optimum vigilance and awareness due to the hostile threats the world faces today, tech, language and interpersonal skills are in demand.

Not only does Corps offer comprehensive security and premises training, each officer also completes client induction training so they can successfully present themselves as brand ambassadors by embodying client values. The presence of social media delivers a wealth of management information that clients can use to measure their facilities management services. One bad Google review from a disgruntled visitor can damage a client’s reputation and raise concerns about the service provider in question, so this heightens the demand for a high standard of customer service from security personnel.

Corps Security operates in a large portfolio of London’s flagship tourist destinations, so staff are also briefed on all the local attractions. Corps also goes one step further to up the ante on customer service and includes multi-lingual tourist information and maps in security officers’ pocket site guides.

The evolution of the role of the security officer has been significant in recent years and this will continue. Technology will continue to influence the role and the industry will undoubtedly move into more of a technical solutions environment supported by manpower. As clients become more pressured with budgets and demands to operate at more efficient levels, collaboration with monitoring centres will be key.

Whatever the future holds, security personnel must be agile with a hunger to learn and develop as the industry evolves.

Enhancing your security service through innovation

Date: 11 September

Time: 10.00- 15.00 (registration from 09.30)


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Join us for presentations and Q&A sessions on the latest and future technology in partnership with:


Unique and innovative products designed to combat Cyber Security threats.


Software integration solutions to enhance the access, safety and security of your buildings.


Artificial Intelligence, machine-based learning and video analytics.


The UK’s leading independent specialist security solutions provider.


Drone technology, detection and mitigation.


tata steel

Corps Security has won a five-year, £3.6m annual contract to provide security services to Tata Steel Europe across the UK. Tata is Europe’s second largest steel producer with operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in more than 50 countries.

More than 100 security officers will be provided by Corps to secure all 14 of Tata’s UK sites including the flagship steelmaking plant in Port Talbot, Wales.

Mike Bullock, CEO of Corps Security, said: “We are delighted to be working with such a like-minded organisation. The Tata Group was founded on the principle that its activities should always benefit society and is majority owned by philanthropic trusts. As a trust which was set up in 1859 to provide employment for ex-servicemen returning from the Crimea, we share their values and look forward to working closely together.”

What is your role at Corps and what does it entail?
I’m a national account manager for the UK and Ireland and work with all of Corps clients. I’m the link between our senior management and the team managing the day to day activities on the accounts. I work with clients in lots of different industries all over the UK and this week alone I’ve visited clients in Wales, Ipswich and London. It’s my job to ensure consistency across the field, trouble shoot and implement service improvements.

When did you start your career in security?
I started out in security 28 years ago and my first role was working with the in-house security team at Tesco as a manned guard.

If you weren’t in security, what would you be doing as a career?
I studied Media at college, but timing wasn’t right to find a job in the industry as my course finished during the credit crunch in 2007 so I suppose I might be doing that. I do really enjoy the security industry though so I can’t imagine doing anything else now.

Can you tell us a little about your background?
Since starting out as a security guard at Tesco I’ve worked for a number of big corporate organisations including Cordant Services and Advance Security. I’ve spent the last 20 years in security management roles and joined Corps in March 2016 as a national account manager. Corps wasn’t as big when I first joined but the business has progressed rapidly over the last three years.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
I love the family environment at Corps. I’ve previously worked for a number of big companies where often you are just a number but at Corps this couldn’t be more different. Everyone is so grounded and welcoming and you can talk to anyone. There’s no hierarchy and everyone’s opinions and suggestions are valued and taken seriously.

I also enjoy the challenges presented in my role as well as meeting different people and teams on an almost daily basis. My role is so varied there are no two days the same.