Labour shortage. Squeezed margins. Brexit. The security sector is facing the perfect storm when it comes to recruiting the best talent. Parliament have had many votes regarding Brexit deals, but whatever the outcome, the security industry will continue to face challenging times.

The uncertainty around Brexit has created many issues for the security industry which is highly exposed owing to its dependence on immigrant labour. There is a risk that some of our most talented security professionals may not be able to work in the UK after we leave the EU.

At the same time, the UK is suffering a chronic shortage of skilled labour largely because of the pressure on margins and pay which mean security professionals will move on to another employer for a small increase in pay.

Security officers face numerous challenges in their roles. They work long, often anti-social, hours protecting people and the nation’s infrastructure from those who wish us harm. They spend hours watching and waiting in what can sometimes be a monotonous role only for sometimes shocking things to happen meaning they have to react very quickly. As they work alongside our emergency services to keep us safe, they occasionally get caught in the crossfire.

That’s why last month we launched Thank Your Security Officer Day to recognise the essential role our officers play, and why we are talking about security officer’s mental health at our breakfast event with IWFM on 30th October.

Mental health is often in the headlines and it’s fortunately becoming less of a taboo to talk about. But it’s easy to forget that some of our people working on the front-line to keep us safe can be equally affected. Many security officers also come from a military background, sometimes having suffered traumatic events and extreme levels of stress so this must also be recognised and supported.

Come to our breakfast event on the morning of 30th October (, hosted in association with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, and hear from experts from Combat Stress about how we can support out front-line officers to maintain good mental health, just as they spend their working life keeping us safe.

Helping to create the best working environment for our people is a step in the right direction to ensuring that we can keep the best talent, whatever the outcome with Brexit.