The Government have announced a move from the ‘contain’ to ‘delay’ phase of its plan to tackle coronavirus. Anyone with a new persistent cough and/or high temperature are now advised to self-isolate and call NHS111. Older people and those with health conditions should reduce social contact and stay at home, and if someone in your home falls ill, the whole household should isolate itself.

From Friday 13th March, school trips abroad will be banned and large scale events in Scotland (with more than 500 people) will be suspended. The Government may consider moving to suspend all large scale sporting events, however, this will be to reduce the burden on the public services (police, NHS, etc), rather than reduce the spread of the virus.

Although the Republic of Ireland have announced that all schools, colleges and public facilities will close from until the 29th March – there has been no similar announcement by the UK Government who are acutely aware of the social and economic consequences of this.

The number of confirmed UK cases rose sharply with the number of deaths reaching 10 – although these all appear to have been in people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Please ensure you maintain good personal hygiene and clean surfaces, shared equipment, flat surfaces, etc.

Corps Security has a well-developed pandemic strategy as part of our overall Business Continuity Planning – and should individuals receive and enquiries about this from our colleagues or customers – please do not hesitate to refer them to myself.

Nick Gilroy
Quality & Compliance Manager