There are two distinct stages to the role of technology in the security response to the pandemic. The first stage is the impact of new technology during lockdown and the second stage is post-lockdown, when restrictions are eased. That was the message from Mike Bluestone, director of Corps Security, speaking last week at a webinar focusing on how technology is helping or hindering security.

“In the first stage we’ve used a combination of remote monitoring, mobile patrols and the presence of static guarding teams to help to mitigate against the impact of increased levels of organised, or opportunist crime, and anti-social, behaviour” he said. “This is vital given that the police are under pressure, and suffering their own depleted ranks due to contagion.” The use of portable devices by security personnel is another tool to enable real-time reporting of incidents, and ensure appropriate alerts, and where appropriate, police and other blue light responses. He also said there was a need to factor in the risk of cyber-attacks. Therefore in vacated buildings, the integrity of server rooms, anti-flood protection, air-con/cooling durability is of equal importance to the quality of firewalls, virus tracking software, and maintaining strong SOPs and password protection, he said.

But Bluestone’s was equally focused on the second phase, once lockdown restrictions were lifted. “There will be no ‘flick of a switch’ scenario when we go from what is effectively a state of house-arrest to total freedom,” he said. “The security industry will play a key role in supporting businesses to reopen, particularly through the use of thermal imaging cameras to check for abnormal human temperatures and on overseeing effective access control while supporting social distancing.”

The webinar, which was chaired by Martin Gill, also heard from Australia-based Chris Cubbage, director and executive editor, My Security Media Pty,  Mark Folmer, in Canada, vice president of TrackTik; and Monica Verma from Norway, board member, CSA Norway and Chief Information Security Office. If you missed it, simply click on the link below to view the recording.

>> Webinar – “How Are Technologies Helping And Hindering Security?”


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