The news from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that security officers have one of the highest death dates from Covid-19  – 45.7 deaths per 100,000 people – make for difficult reading for the security profession.

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Some weeks ago, the Government classified licence-holding security professionals as critical workers which meant that many of our colleagues have been on the front line throughout this pandemic. When the rest of the building occupants have been working from home, security officers have been protecting empty buildings or supporting the skeleton staff remaining.

Within the Corps Security family, we have been relatively lucky. We haven’t lost any of our colleagues to the virus. But we are not complacent and are constantly looking for new ways to look after our people. When the pandemic started, we took immediate action to protect our teams and have been amending those provisions as the situation changes.

  • We furloughed all 64 front-line officers who were classified as extremely vulnerable to the virus and needed shielding
  • We’ve changed the shift patterns and working arrangements of another 94 staff members
  • We made sure our people self-isolated where they or their families had symptoms
  • We’ve supplied PPE to our sites where required, including masks, gloves, goggles, anti-bac gel and anti-bac wipes for equipment use – another 10,000 pairs of gloves and 9,000 masks will arrive across all our offices this week to support the new guidance about wearing masks on public transport
  • We’ve introduced Covid-19 site audits for all our client sites to ensure we’re providing the best possible support in keeping our officers safe
  • We’ve also introduced a short form risk assessment to support the Covid-19 site audits and provide feedback to our officers and clients
  • We’ve launched a mandatory Covid-19 online training module for our security officers to ensure they have all the information they need to keep themselves – and others – safe
  • Our line managers are having regular one-to-one check-ins with our security officers who are furloughed to make sure they’re feeling well, both mentally and physically. We’re long-term supporters of Combat Stress and have a strong understanding of how people can be affected mentally by being on the front line

Overall we’re listening to what our security officers need – they’re on the front line of this outbreak.  But even one security officer death as a result of this pandemic is a tragedy. We must work together and do all we can as an industry to ensure no more of our people die as a result of this terrible virus.

We’ve set up a dedicated coronavirus support team to answer any questions about the impact of coronavirus on your business. Please contact us on and we’ll do our best to help.