Today we are celebrating Thank Your Security Officer Day as part of Security Officer Appreciation Week.

Up and down the country, the Corps Security management team has been travelling to client sites to acknowledge and thank the important security staff that keep us, the workplaces and buildings we occupy safe and secure.

Please continue to join us in showing appreciation to your security staff this ‘Thank Your Security Officer Day’ and share your messages via #thankyoursecurityofficer on social media. We have been inundated with wonderful feedback, comments and photos which we are sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn some of which you can find below:

“All of us at Wood Green Hall would like to thank our dedicated security staff who have stood by us during hard times and difficult situations. We want Christian, Marek and Kandza to know that we greatly appreciate them and all their hard work. They’ve become part of the Wood Green Hall
family and we are so grateful to them and for the service they provide. Whether it be rain, storms, snow, wind, heatwaves or emergencies, they’re always there ready to serve. We THANK YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU!”
– Remi Banjo, Accommodation Manager Commercial Services, Wood Green Hall

“I would just like to formally write to acknowledge the excellent work that the security officers provide on behalf of Facilities Services at client sites in Cardiff, Kingswood and Hove. It would be wrong to pick one officer in particular, as they all go above and beyond their duties and are always willing to adapt and carry out whatever task is requested of them. During the recent months and the changes required to comply with Covid-19, every single officer has continued to perform their tasks with professionalism and sensitivity and have been instrumental in creating a safe working environment for our customers.” – Graham Beswick, Senior Contracts Manager, Kier Group

“During the pandemic, Building Manager Chris Webster at Pinnacle, Leeds showed immense capabilities to adapt quickly to the new Covid-19 restrictions and kept the building accessible to both clients and visitors. I thank you Chris for your hard work and dedication and going the extra mile to meet the requirements of the clients. We really appreciate it.” – Shahrukh Kayani, Corps Building Manager, Corps Security