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Hello and welcome to our first 2017 edition of Corps Relay – the newsletter designed to help you protect your people and property. This month’s bumper edition includes an overview of the Battles for Mosul and how Daesh are losing ground, as well as an extended look at armed guarding within the UK. We also cover the atrocities in Istanbul and Berlin over the festive period, as well as a look at the additional security measures put in place for the London New Year celebrations following those attacks.

armed police update

Hello readers and welcome to the latest issue of Corps Relay, the newsletter designed to help you protect your people and property whilst giving important updates and news from the world of
security. We start with the atrocities committed in Nice, looking into the method and the people behind the attack, before touching upon other recent attacks. We then share our very own 8 Principles of Security and how they apply within the Onion Skin Principle, before giving an update on the Armed Policing in the UK. Our Corps People Profile this issue is John Ford, one of our Regional Operations Managers.

Dear Reader,
Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Corps Relay. With a lot of action happening around the UK, we thought we’d concentrate on security updates around the United Kingdom this issue. We start with the IED fiasco at Old Trafford before we head just across the way to the simulated terror attack at the Trafford Centre. We give an update on armed police in the UK, and do a round-up of terror related arrests before jumping across the Irish Sea to Ireland, where we discuss the threat of Irish related terror being increased. We finally finish in London with a Corps profile of an up-and-coming Site Manager.

Dear Reader,
Welcome to the latest issue of Corps Relay. We focus on technology this time around but also providing an update of the key topic of armed policing in the UK. We discuss the apparent launching of a “superweapon” to help in the fight against Daesh, as well as recap over the Apple vs FBI debate and how that relates to WhatsApp’s new security upgrade. A look into future security concerns at the hands of quantum computers is also speculated upon before we introduce a new segment profiling some members of our staff.

Dear Reader,
Hello and welcome to this special issue of Corps Relay, aimed at providing you with the important information you need to know to protect you and your business.

Dear Reader,
Hello and welcome to our latest edition of Corps Relay, aimed at providing you with
the important information you need to know to protect you and your business.
In this issue we detail some recent high profile terror attacks, as well as provide
some information on how to manage protest groups, and finally give you an update
of the latest dev

Dear Reader,
Welcome to this first Corps Relay issue of 2016!
Sadly, even during the recent festive season, and early days of 2016, we are
witnessing further terror attacks perpetrated directly, or inspired by Daesh.

Dear Reader,
Our thanks to those of you who have passed feedback on our recent Corps Relay bulletins.
We are pleased to announce that Corps Relay will now be circulated monthly to provide
helpful information on all matters of high importance relating to security, crime, terrorism,
and related topics.

Dear Reader,
This special bulletin is an update on the latest developments in relation to
last Friday’s atrocities perpetrated by Islamist extremists in Paris.