Now in their seventeenth year, the Security Personnel Awards mark the achievements and contributions made by those working in the UK’s private security industry.

Clarence, who lives in South East London, joined Corps Security in 2013 after working in the construction industry, and has made an overwhelmingly positive impression amongst colleagues and customers alike. He has been noted for his ability to consistently deliver an outstanding level of customer service and raise the performance of others he works alongside. Always willing to share his knowledge, he also provides voluntary mentoring for new recruits or younger members of the organisation, in order to make them feel welcome and to ensure that they conduct their duties in the correct manner.

On receiving his award, Clarence said, ‘After winning the regional competition, I’m obviously delighted to be named Best Newcomer at the BSIA National Security Personnel Awards 2015. The last two years have been fantastic and I’ve learned so much during this period thanks to the help and support of my colleagues at Corps Security. I’ve received first-class training and being part of an industry leading company that has such a proud history and values my efforts so highly has made me determined to go as far as I possibly can within my chosen profession.’

Thanks to his ‘can-do’ attitude, many of Corps Security’s customers have requested that Clarence remains on their sites as part of a permanent team. They have all remarked upon his approachable personality and ability to perform his role in a way that personifies Corps Security’s 156-year-old ethos of ‘loyalty, integrity, service’.

Peter Webster, Corps Security’s Chief Executive, stated, ‘We pride ourselves on employing people of the highest calibre in order to provide our customers with the best possible standards of service. Since joining us Clarence has performed his duties with a level of professionalism, skill and dedication that serves as a benchmark for others in the industry. He fully deserves the BSIA National Security Personnel Award for Best Newcomer and I wish him all the best for rest of his career.’

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Corps Security provides high-level civilian guarding services to six Royal Marines sites in the south-west of England – Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) at Lympstone, Royal Marines Chivenor, Royal Marines Bickleigh, Royal Marines Norton Manor, Royal Marines Stonehouse and The Royal Citadel.

‘This is an incredibly important contract to us and we are proud to have the opportunity to provide our services to MoD HOCS Commercial for a second consecutive term,’ commented Gary Broad, Major Accounts Director at Corps Security. ‘As expected, the tender process was extremely rigorous and we are pleased that the standards that we work so hard to achieve and maintain have once again been recognised.’

The six bases have to be tightly guarded and protected from the possibility of a terrorist or other security threat. With people entering access points on a 24-hour basis, the Corps Security team is charged with checking personal identity cards and vehicle passes and carrying out vehicle checks. In addition, personnel carry out internal and external patrols in vehicles and on foot to maintain a visible presence and also monitor CCTV from designated on-site stations. Vigilance is a must and established policy and procedure must be followed to the letter at all times.

The Corps Security team working on this contract has been independently recognised at the British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) Security Personnel Awards on a number of occasions. In 2014 it won the Best Team accolade, where the judges identified its ability to communicate effectively, carry out duties with enthusiasm and flexibility, and ‘go the extra mile’.

Corps Security has always been proud of its long association with the armed forces. The Corps of Commissionaires was founded in 1859 by Captain Sir Edward Walter, a retired officer of the 8th Hussars, as a way to provide gainful employment for ex-servicemen on return from the Crimean War. The company’s current president, Sir Robert Fulton, is a Royal Marines ex-commandant general and the organisation also has an Armed Forces Corporate Covenant stating its commitments to supporting the UK armed forces community. Furthermore, over 60 per cent of those deployed on the MoD Fleet Commercial are ex-armed services personnel, who are selected for their ability to recognise the types of threats that these environments face.

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The purpose of the £1m Magnolia House Appeal is to build a facility for families who need as much help as possible at a difficult time. It will be a place where they can go and compose themselves, have time to think, and act as a location where siblings and parents can come together for support and peace.  Corps Security has raised money on previous occasions for the Hospital, and Potter was therefore keen to participate.

Organised by Wesleyan Assurance Society, the official charity sponsor, Potter was part of a 69-strong team.  When it came to the climb itself, the team was split into smaller groups of up to 10 people and despite the inclement weather conditions everyone made it to the top and back down without injury.

Commenting on his achievement, Potter said, ‘This was a significant challenge but even though it rained for a significant part of the journey and was very cloudy and misty, everyone remained in good spirits, knowing that our efforts would raise money for a very worthwhile cause. My personal sponsorship totalled £485 and overall the Wesleyan Snowdon Challenge has so far raised over £6,500.’

The Wesleyan Snowdon Challenge team has set up a JustGiving page and if you would like to show your generosity you can visit its website:

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While already operating across a diverse range of vertical sectors, Corps Security saw a massive upsurge in the number of healthcare related organisations procuring its services. The company also strengthened its foothold in the financial, local government, research, utilities, arts and leisure sectors, thanks to its unique ability to offer solutions that combine manned guarding, surveillance technology and remote monitoring. It has also reported high demand from facilities management (FM) organisations requiring specialist services.

Thanks to a growing awareness of the advantages of security monitoring, Corps Monitoring has also reported increased levels of business. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, Corps Monitoring provides remote CCTV monitoring, alarm receiving, environmental monitoring and call centre management. It also specialises in lone worker monitoring and Corps Security’s innovative CorpsGuard next generation smartphone app, which provides enhanced levels of personal safety for individuals, has recently been the subject of a significant order from a major international airline.

While the economic recovery has been a welcome relief for organisations of all sizes, the ever-present terrorist threat means that they need to be extra vigilant in keeping people, property and assets safe, and not just view security as a commodity purchase. Security providers therefore need to demonstrate the highest levels of service along with excellent value for money. Corps Security believes that its ability to offer its customers robust, effective and personally tailored solutions that meet their specific needs is more in demand than ever.

Customer feedback suggests one of the key factors in Corps Security’s recent success is its investment in its employees. This ensures that it retains the highest calibre personnel who, with the requisite knowledge and skills, can enhance their careers and exemplify the company’s 150 year old ethos of ‘loyalty, integrity, service’. As well as a Colleague Charter, which is based around the acronym PRIDE – promise, respect and recognition, information, development and envoys – employees also have access to the award winning Securing Success and Securing Excellence programmes, which have been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts from across the business.

‘More organisations than ever before are recognising the importance of high quality security provision and are addressing this need in a more considered and professional way,’ commented Peter Webster, Chief Executive at Corps Security. ‘This means that our long-established messages are resonating with an increasing number of clients, who want to work with a specialist security services provider that offers the value and service that they demand. It vindicates our approach to all aspects of our operation and we intend to build on the highly encouraging performance of the business over recent years.’

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Clearly a man who loves a challenge, he will shirk the lightweight shorts and singlet favoured by most of the other competitors, in favour of the traditional military style uniform first worn by the early operational staff of Corps Security. Known as the Full Shout uniform, it is still very much part of Corps Security’s identity, although rarely used by those undertaking sporting endeavours.

However, this will not be the first time that Salman has run in this attire, having completed a 5k (3.1 miles) event two years ago. ‘Last time the biggest challenge was definitely the heat combined with a uniform that was never really designed to cope with running conditions,’ he said. ‘This time I felt it only right to increase the personal challenge, hence I am doing a half marathon which will mean running 13.1 miles. This will take me just over two hours and although I’m sure that the latter part of the race will be testing, the thought of raising as much money as I can for the Gurkha Welfare Trust will keep me going.’

As the leading Gurkha charity, the Gurkha Welfare Trust provides financial, medical and community aid to nearly 7,000 retired soldiers and widows in Nepal who have no other form of income. Most are now in their 80s and 90s and are heavily reliant on support for a secure and comfortable old age.

Asked why he chose to support this particular charity, Salman replies, ‘2015 marks the bicentennial of loyal Gurkha service to the British Crown. I’m incredibly lucky to work with a number of fantastic Gurkha colleagues at Corps Security and therefore proud to do my small bit at a time of such significance.  The recent traumatic earthquakes in Nepal have obviously exacerbated the problem – which has given me added impetus to achieve my goal’.

Anyone wishing to support Salman and help him reach his financial target can donate by visiting his JustGiving page at

The OU is rated in the top ten of UK universities for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey, since the survey began in 2005. In 2013/14 it had a 91% satisfaction rating. Over 70% of students are in full-time or part-time employment, and four out of five FTSE 100 companies have sponsored staff to take OU courses.

In the latest assessment exercise for university research (Research Excellence Framework), nearly three quarters (72%) of The Open University’s research was assessed as 4 or 3 star – the highest ratings available – and awarded to research that is world-leading or internationally excellent. The Open University is unique among UK universities having both an access mission and demonstrating research excellence.

Headquartered at Walton Hall, a 110-acre site in Milton Keynes, the site comprises 63 individual buildings and blocks that provide offices, laboratories, lecture halls, sports and social areas for over 4,000 staff. There are also and twelve regional and national administrative centres and two warehouse locations.

The Open University recognises the importance of having a high quality security operation in place and, for the last seven years Corps Security has been charged with making sure that all of these environments are safe and secure.

Corps Security’s regional operations director, Nigel Horne, explains, ‘The security operation at Walton Hall comprises a mix of manned guarding and surveillance technology. The manned guarding team consists of 16 core staff and seven relief personnel, with four officers on each shift. We ensure that all of those deployed understand the specific requirements necessary for carrying out their duties on this unique site, which include door locking/unlocking and car park management.’

There is an extensive road layout on site, with public rights of access on certain parts of it. While open access to this large and complex site is seen as an essential ingredient of academic life and a positive attribute, this policy does have a certain level of risk attached to it. As such, all officers are given Operation Fairway training and a five day on-site awareness course. Sensitive questioning, recognising hostile reconnaissance, post room threats and even sign language training is also delivered to enhance vigilance, while experts from Corps Security also carry out regular ‘train the trainer’ style modules to supervisors and team leaders.

As well as manned guarding services, Corps Security now supplies The Open University with remote intruder detection, access control and fire alarm monitoring services via its state-of-the-art Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC). This Glasgow based facility utilises only the very latest high specification technology and its credentials include National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accreditation alongside BS 8418 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Corps Security’s reputation for excellence is based on its ability to continually innovate to exceed its customers’ expectations. Nigel Horne comments, ‘Security is often viewed as an intangible service, so we have developed a system where it is possible to accurately measure our performance and clearly identify any areas that need addressing. At The Open University we have developed a system to define a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative data. To encourage a strict regime of continuous service review and appraisal, regular meetings take place where we analyse achievements against agreed standards and look at where improvements could be made.’

This KPI assessment analyses everything from training and incident reporting to management visits and even the appearance and communications skills of officers. Scores are allocated using a simple 1-4 marking scheme – where 1 (0 per cent) is poor and 4 (100 per cent) is excellent. The target for Corps Security is to score 3 or 4 – and this has been done so, on average, 98.25% of the time in the last rolling 12 month period.

Asked to describe the secret behind the success of the working relationship between Corps Security and The Open University, Nigel Horne replies, ‘It can be encapsulated in one word – partnership. Both parties demonstrate a willingness to work together in a way that encourages open channels of communication. This means that any necessary changes can be put into effect quickly to achieve common goals and objectives.’

This view is shared by Mary Legge, Head of Operations, Estates at The Open University, who concludes, ‘ Corps Security provide an excellent service across all our sites and   are an exemplar of how a manned guarding team should operate. They are an invaluable part of our operation and the positive feedback I receive from staff, students and visitors underscores how highly valued they are.’

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Now in their seventeenth year, the Security Personnel Awards mark the achievements and contributions made by those working in the UK’s private security industry. James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, said, ‘Each year, the Security Personnel Awards serve to demonstrate the high calibre of individuals employed within our industry.’

Since joining Corps Security in 2013 Clarence has made an overwhelmingly positive impression amongst colleagues and customers alike. He was nominated for the Best Newcomer award due to his ability to consistently deliver an outstanding level of customer service and raise the performance of others in the teams he works alongside. Always willing to share his knowledge, he provides voluntary mentoring for new recruits or younger members of the organisation, in order to make them feel welcome and to ensure that they conduct their duties in the correct manner.

Commenting on his award, Clarence said, ‘I’m delighted to have been presented with this prestigious accolade and to have my work for Corps Security recognised in this way. Since joining the company I have been encouraged to learn as much as I can about the security industry. The first-class training and skills development that I have been given has provided me with the impetus to go as far as I possibly can in my chosen career.’

Due to his ‘can-do’ attitude, many of Corps Security’s customers have requested that Clarence remains on their sites as a part of a permanent team. They have all remarked upon his approachable personality and ability to perform his role in a way that personifies the Corps Security ethos.

‘It is hard to believe that someone who is as new to the industry as Clarence is able to perform his duties with such professionalism, skill and dedication,’ commented Peter Webster, Corps Security’s Chief Executive. ‘We are incredibly proud of him for winning the hotly contested BSIA Regional Security Personnel Award for Best Newcomer and wish him all the best for the national competition.’

The awards recognise the UK’s top suppliers, manufacturers, teams and individuals from the past year. Showcasing the very best talent that the UK offers event organisers from across the globe, many event-procuring services recognise the awards as a symbol of excellence.

Jason Taylor, Event Sales and Marketing Manager for Corps Security, describes what this achievement means: ‘We are absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted for 2015! The news comes after a great year of success in 2014 and really confirms the quality of our service. The Commonwealth Games was a great success for us, but this was by no means our only event for the year and The Event Production Award recognises consistency of quality, not just a single achievement.

Our team of Commissionaires were at events like The New Forest and Hampshire Show, The Great Yorkshire Show and The Amateur Championships – and we had a vast number of colleagues who travelled to the Games in Glasgow for the summer – so to be shortlisted is testament to their great work.  We thank them for this’.

Winners of the Event Production Awards will not be announced until the 1st of April, with the ceremony taking place at The Lancaster Hotel… Fingers crossed.

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Davies has been involved in delivering the highest profile security and building control projects within the UK over the last 20 years, working for some of the largest corporates within this space.  His background is as a strategist and he will be expanding upon the business sectors that the company currently addresses.

When asked about his reason for choosing to work with Corps Security, Ralph said: The opportunity to be able to influence and mould a developing market for Corps was a key factor for my decision.  My approach will focus on advising customers on ways they can improve business technology and realise a better return on investment”.

Ralph is hoping to use his skill set, which combines intelligent building solutions with advanced security monitoring, in order to really make a difference at Corps.

He continues: “The technology that Corps Security employs within its monitoring centre is probably the best I’ve seen, focusing on open system technologies, which will provide the team and I with so many opportunities to grow the business.   The company also truly values its employees, evidenced by its award winning Colleague Charter that sets out its unique ‘circle of care’”.

According to CEO, Peter Webster: “Ralph is a very welcome addition to our team and I am looking forward to his creative input that I am sure will have a really positive impact on our business.”

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The 27th of November could certainly be deemed a success in the Corps Security calendar as it scooped two top awards in two prestigious award ceremonies simultaneously.

Firstly at the SaBRE Defence Employer Recognition Scheme event the company was presented with a silver award in national recognition of its commitment to the Armed Forces.  Held on board the HMS President, The Defence Employer recognition scheme rewards and recognises UK employers for their support and commitment towards Defence.  The scheme encompasses gold, silver and bronze awards for employer organisations which pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to the Defence community and align their values and activities with the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.  Silver award holders demonstrate support for Defence, employing at least one reservist, actively communicating and upholding a positive stance to their employees via established HR policies and procedures.

The second success of the day was at the IFSEC Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2014, where once again Corps Security had its excellence in human resources (HR) recognised by winning the prestigious Inspiration in HR Award. The company was also a finalist in two other categories – Security Guarding Company of the Year and Event Security Team of the Year – at a ceremony and gala dinner, which took place at the famous Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, London.

Now in their sixteenth year, IFSEC’s Security & Fire Excellence Awards celebrate the practitioners and projects that represent the best the industry has to offer. Award entries were judged by a panel of independent experts from all areas of the fire and security sector including end users, academics and the police.

The Inspiration in HR Award acknowledges the outstanding work of HR teams and recognises those who make a significant impact in terms of management and corporate performance. Corps Security’s success follows its triumph in the same category in 2012 and cements its position as a pioneer in employee engagement, care and career progression within the security industry.

Corps Security’s nomination was based on the achievements of its HR team when tasked with assessing the wider needs and concerns of client facing personnel. It devised a bespoke colleague engagement survey called Your View Matters (YVM) and established a range of initiatives to address the needs and concerns that were highlighted.

The completed surveys were analysed and each regional management team was given a presentation by HR summarising the results at both national and regional level. From those presentations each region and branch, in conjunction with HR, devised its own programme and specific written action plan to improve the scores. The measures introduced included team briefing sessions, counselling and bespoke training.

When compared to the previous year’s survey results, this year there were improvements in four of the five categories, with the other category recording the same percentage score as 2013. YVM has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Corps Security’s operation, with contract retention at its highest ever level, shift fulfilment consistently over 99 per cent and employee turnover at just under eight per cent.

After installing these two new additions into the ever expanding award cabinet Corps Security’s chief executive, Peter Webster, commented, ‘I’m incredibly proud of the teams that have been involved in securing these awards. We continually invest in our people so they get the knowledge and skills they need to advance their careers and I’m delighted that there is an external mechanism that also acknowledges their achievements in this way.’

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