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Security Monitoring - Corps Security

Security Monitoring

State-of-the-art security monitoring centre

Provides customers with a range of monitoring and surveillance services utilising the latest technology and innovation.

Security Consultancy - Corps Security

Security Consultancy

Team of expert security consultants

Working with our customers to effectively manage security risks and design the very best security solution for every environment.

Corps Awarded Social Enterprise Status

Social Value

People. Planet. Purpose

A mindset which forms the foundation of our business. As a social enterprise we are committed to ‘doing the right thing’ – for everyone.

Welcome to Corps Security?

People. Planet. Purpose.

Corps offer something unique within our industry.

We are specialists in security services, providing tailored solutions for our customers combining security guarding, monitoring services and expert security consultancy. But more than this, we offer services with purpose.

As a social enterprise we exist to make a difference and improve lives. Working with Corps, our colleagues and customers can do the same.

Our Social Values

People. Planet. Purpose.

A business strategy based on ‘doing the right thing’.

At Corps we have always known we have a special story. As a business founded over 160 years ago, we are the oldest security company in the world. But more than this we were created with a very specific social mission in mind – to provide gainful employment to ex-services personnel. Our very ethos is based on social benefit.

In today’s modern world, we still operate with our initial social mission at our heart and strive to support those who need it – whether through employment or charitable giving. We partner with Combat Stress, who work hard to provide valuable services to veterans who are finding civilian life tough. We also focus on local labour, an ethical supply chain and environmental performance to help support each of our customers with their own CSR journey.



Security Guards

Security Guards

Security Consultants

Security Consultants

Security Monitoring

Monitored Businesses


‘’I wanted to say it has not gone unnoticed the increase in service levels since you have taken on the role. Your commitment, communication and response times are consistently above expectation and I think you should get the praise where deserved’’

“Thank you for the service being delivered by Corps. Back when we first met, you spoke about the values of Corps and the calibre of officer that you employ. I can honestly say that here at RoS we are seeing that “talk” being put into practice.’’

Latest News

Corps Relay Intelligence Update January 2024

Intelligence Update January 2024

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: Activists Conducting Red Paint Attacks, New SCaN for Line Managers Online Training Now Available, The Security Institute Appoint a New Chief Executive, Current National Threat Level, Terrorist Plot on Christian Preacher in Hyde Park, Hosts of Neo-Nazi Podcast Jailed for Terror Offences, Individual Imprisoned for Hostile Reconnaissance of an Iranian TV Channel in London, Corps Focus: Security Issue of the Month - Safe Haven App Launched – Notification of Temporary Refuge Locations in an Emergency.
Corps Relay Intelligence Update December 2023

Intelligence Update December 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: Tony Eastaugh appointed Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner. ULEZ Camera Blown Up in Sidcup Home Office Announce Additions to the Class A Drug List. Winter and Festive Period Vigilance Campaign. UK workers want their employers to play an active role during terror attacks. Counter-Terrorism Police to be given more powers to retain biometrics. Corps Focus: security issue of the month - a German tourist has been killed and two others, including a British man, have been injured following a knife and hammer attack in central Paris, in what has been described by French President Emmanuel Macron as “a terrorist attack”.
Corps Security Wins Two Year Contract With Centrepoint

Corps Security Wins Two Year Contract With Centrepoint

Corps Security has secured a two-year contract with Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.
Corps Relay Intelligence Update November 2023

Intelligence Update November 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: New Class C Status for Anti-Social Drug, Thieves Cut Through Floor to Commit Museum Theft, Pro-Palestinian Protest Terrorism Arrests, Current National Threat Level, Counter Terrorism Police Launch Their Winter Campaign, Corps Focus: Security Issue of the Month – Martyns Law Update
Corps Relay Intelligence Update October 2023

Intelligence Update October 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: Security Training Under the Spotlight, Hezbollah Involvement in Israel-Gaza - Travel Advice Updated, Leader of the Opposition Targeted by Activist, Highlights, Security Concerns, Current National Threat Level , Evidence of Continued Terrorism and Fixated Threat Emphasised, Police Investigation Finds Liverpool Women’s Hospital Bomber had an Asylum Grievance, Security Training Under the Spotlight
Corps Relay Intelligence Update August 2023

Intelligence Update August 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: Update on the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Draft Bill, also known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, Protective Security Funding Scheme for Places of Worship, National Security Bill Becomes Law, The Equipment Theft (Prevention) Act 2023 Receives Royal Assent, The Government Updates the Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST 2023), Current National Threat Level, Hate Preacher Arrested on Suspicion of Terror Offence, ISIS ‘Jihadi’ John Found Dead in Spanish Prison, Counter Terrorism Police Arrest a 16-Year-Old Boy on Suspicion of Terror Offences, Corps Focus: Security Issue of the Month - Environmental Activism Focus
Martyn's Law Update

Martyn’s Law Update

Update on the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Draft Bill, also known as ‘Martyn’s Law’.
Corps Relay Intelligence Update July 2023

Intelligence Update July 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: New Registrar for the Register of Chartered Security Professionals Announced, Security Institute Appoints a New Chairperson, Reported Rise in Retail Theft, Solar Farm Crime on the Rise as Copper Prices are Set to Rise Further by 2024, Current National Threat Level, Man Jailed After Bomb Manuals Found on Laptop, Home Office Reject Industry Business Licences and SIA Recommendations, Just Stop Oil continue to target events.
Corps Relay Intelligence Update June 2023

Intelligence Update June 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: Government to Publish Timeline for Removal of Surveillance Equipment Manufactured in China from Sensitive Government Sites , Security Industry, Federation to be a new official Security Industry Trade Union , NCSC Launch New Security Training Packages , Railway Guardian App , Current National Threat Level, Two Sentenced for Terrorism Offences , Islamist Terror Plot Teen will Serve at Least Six Years, Corps Focus: Security Issue of the Month - Protest and activism review from May.
Corps Relay Intelligence Update May 2023

Intelligence Update May 2023

This month’s Corps Relay Intelligence Update includes: Member of Armed Forces Charged Under Official Secrets Act, Hacked CEO sentenced for failing to fulfil General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, Facewatch Facial Recognition have been Awarded The Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, The government has set out guidelines to regulate ‘responsible use’ of artificial intelligence (AI) , Current National Threat Level, Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Planned Attacks on Sydney, Australia, Review of Aprils Protest and Activism, Public Order Bill – Designed to Enhance Police Powers for the Management of Activism, Corps Focus: Security Issue of the Month - Martyn’s Law Update – The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Act 2023


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