Corps Security Environmental Policy

At Corps Security we recognise that our responsibilities extend way beyond our base-line commercial business interests and we also acknowledge that our activities, if not monitored and managed correctly, may impact on the environment.

Fully Certified to ISO 14001

To counter this risk, Corps Security’s environmental management system (EMS) is fully certified to ISO 14001 and we have rigorous processes and procedures in place to ensure that we operate to the highest possible standards.

We systematically reduce any harmful effects we have on the environment by developing processes to lower energy, reduce waste and pollution, and mitigate the risk of emergency situations.

To ensure that all of our internal and external stakeholders understand our commitment to these responsibilities, we have configured a comprehensive Environmental Policy. Key points include:

  • All of our environmental activities must be based on the ISO 14001 standard
  • We train and motivate our Colleagues to work in an environmentally responsible manner, encouraging them to help us develop new ideas and initiatives
  • We maintain an “Aspects/Impacts Register” to help set robust annual objectives and targets
  • Our EMS always promotes a culture of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ across all of our operations
  • We minimise the use of paper wherever possible and recycle any waste paper
  • As our vehicle fleet is our largest producer of carbon emissions, we reduce our footprint by only using dual fuel and low emission vehicles (and electric vehicles in  where the operational environment allows)
  • Initiatives in place via which we reduce water and energy consumption at all our regional offices, achieving year-on-year reductions
  • We use our environmental activities to reduce operating costs, passing these savings on to our customers and our employees
  • We share best practice with our customers, always supporting them in the achievement of their own environmental targets

To read our environmental policy in full CLICK HERE.

Corps Security’s environmental policy

  • Ensures that all of our internal and external stakeholders understand our commitment to the environment and their responsibilities
  • Promotes a positive impact on the environment
  • States our ongoing commitment to continual sustainable improvement
  • Demonstrates consistent standards of sustainable practice across all our services
  • Confirms our commitment to ISO 14001

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