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At Corps Security, we firmly believe that security is unique and quite unlike any other service. To be effective it requires expertise, skill, professionalism and dedication.
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Careers - Corps Security


Corps Security was founded in 1859 by Captain Sir Edward Walter, as a way to provide employment for ex-servicemen on return from the Crimean War.
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About Corps Security


Corps Security is always looking for new operational staff of all levels and experience to help service our new and existing Security contracts.
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Why Choose Us?

The values of loyalty, integrity and service that were defined over 150 years ago when Corps Security was first founded are as relevant to us today as they were then.

As the cornerstones of our corporate ethos, they are at the heart of everything we do – what we call “Living The Brand.”

Providing specialist security services is a vital part of Corps Security’s success, however, equally important is our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive an unrivalled level of service that guarantees satisfaction.

  • Because we are Security Specialists

    We believe that security is unlike any other procured service and only a specialist can provide the best possible solution to keep people, property and assets safe.

  • Because we offer Innovative Solutions

    We are experts at integrating physical guarding with product technology to provide the most effective and cost efficient service possible.

  • Because we employ the Best People

    We invest in our employees to ensure they are the most highly trained, effective officers in their field, and we have the best levels of staff retention in the industry.

  • Because we have Heritage

    We have 155 years of experience in this industry, which has helped to shape our future.

Corps Security Services

By offering the knowledge, expertise and best-in-class service that only a security specialist can provide,
we employ the most professional, highly trained, dedicated, motivated and well presented people as security guards.


At Corps Security we are able to provide specialist security consulting services through our CorpsConsult division. We offer a wide range of consulting, investigative and training services that will enhance security and risk management.

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Corps Welcome is the division of Corps Security that provides a diverse range of business support services including reception, front of house, concierge, mailroom, messenger, helpdesk, hosting, hospitality and meeting room management functions.

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Corps Security provides a comprehensive range of specialist security services and we are renowned for the quality and expertise of our manned guarding personnel.

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Corps Security’s dedication to its 150 year old ethos of ‘loyalty, integrity, service’ means that we always utilise our resources in the most effective ways to keep customers’ people, property and assets safe.

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A rapid response is vital in order to ensure a reliable and effective resolution to any security breach. Corps Security’s mobile patrol and first responder services are designed to do just that and we have a proven track record in reacting quickly to incidents such as break-ins and alarm activations.

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Concerts, sporting occasions, exhibitions, conferences and corporate hospitality events all have to abide by strict health and safety legislation. It’s a serious business and the onus is on organisers to ensure that all staff and visitors are kept as safe as is reasonably possible.

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As a division of Corps Security, the UK’s leading independent specialist security solutions provider,
the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) operates to the same ethos of ‘loyalty, integrity, service’ and a desire to go beyond what’s expected.


Corps Security’s state-of-the-art Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) provides a diverse array of security monitoring services that encompass the many requirements of today’s organisations.

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Corps Security’s CorpsGuard is a next generation smartphone app that provides enhanced levels of personal safety thanks to a variety of intuitive features.

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The Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) operates to the same ethos as Corps Security of ‘loyalty, integrity, service’ and a desire to go beyond what’s expected.

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Please thank your guys for all their wonderful help. They were absolutely brilliant and looked superb. They were commented on by our MD and Executive Board – a real credit to your company and we will definitely use you again.

He has proven himself to be an extremely conscientious and professional individual who has the best interests of all around him at the forefront of his thoughts. His work is pivotal to the security of the garrison site and his dedicated contribution and the level of support he provides cannot be underestimated.

Corps Security has proved to be an extremely capable and effective security provider and have consistently delivered a high level service. I have been impressed with the level of proactive support that has resulted in the provision of high quality guarding at all sites.

You have some really impressive staff and their friendly support and enthusiasm to assist is a credit to Corps Security. I would not have achieved the many tasks I had in hand, were it not for the assistance of your staff!

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Mitigating Risk - Corps Security And The Emergency Services

Members of Corps Security have congregated opposite the Gherkin to grab a cup of coffee before uniting with the emergency services to work on Operation Eastern Cluster for the first time.
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5 Minutes With…. Chris Kenny

I have been employed by Corps twice, once as a commissionaire in central London many years ago and for the last 14 years as part of the security team at the Royal Opera House

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2020 represents the start of a new year and a new decade. But how will the next decade be different to the last?
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The New Face Of Manned Guarding

The uncertainty around the recent election, the rising cost of labour, civil unrest and protests, and an uncertain situation in Iran after the US assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani have compounded to place pressure on the security…

Corps Security’s Commitment To Quality, Sustainable Management And Health & Safety Is Reconfirmed With ISO Accreditations

Corps Security, has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301 and OHSAS 18001 renewal accreditations
Grant Fulton Corps Security

5 Minutes With…. Grant Fulton

I joined Corps Security as a CCTV operator in November 2003, since then I’ve worked my way up the ranks.
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Breakfast Event Hosted By Corps Security - Is Your Security Fit For The Future?

As 2019 comes to a close, we reflect on the recent breakfast event that Corps Security hosted with the IWFM at Goldsmiths’ Hall in St. Pauls, which was centred around future fit security.