Corps Veterans Association Membership

The Corps Veterans Association began in 2022. 

It has been formed to make sure that at Corps Security, we remain true to our founding principles, which is to ensure that Veterans have access to gainful employment.

In addition to this, the association exists to offer ongoing support to veterans and provides a platform for them to have their voices heard.

If you are a veteran you can join for free by completing and submitting the “EXISTING VETERANS SIGNUP” form below. If you wish to become an associate member complete and submit the “ASSOCIATES MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP” form below along with your annual payment of £5.

Support Veterans for £5 Per Year

For an annual donation of £5, you can make a lasting impact. Join us in supporting veterans by becoming a proud member of the Corps Veterans Association for just £5 a year.

More Than a Donation, It’s Membership

Your £5 donation isn’t just a contribution, you will become a member of the Corps Veterans Association and join the ranks of a community committed to making a difference.

Contribute to worthy Causes and Events

Your £5 will support veteran charities such as our partner charity, Combat Stress and every pound you donate will support fundraising efforts, making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most.

The Corps Veterans Association participates in and organises events such as Remembrance, your annual £5 membership will be put towards the coordination of these events.

A Safety Net for Our Heroes

By joining us, you become part of a community who are here to champion and support veterans facing financial or personal hardships.

Associates Membership Signup

Existing Veterans Signup


    ‘‘To work for a company like Corps, with its heritage makes me feel part of the cause and the history itself. It’s the small things like ensuring any veteran who applies for a role that make us who we are. I take pride in meeting other ex-service personnel and helping them however I can.’’

    ‘‘As an ex-serviceman working for Corps allows me to be a part of something much bigger than just a job. It allows me to make a difference, to actively contribute to the something I feel so passionately about – heling other veterans into rewarding careers post service.’’

    ‘‘Corps certainly invest in their people, and I am an example of that. When I joined, I was a Relief Officer having been out of the forces about a year.  With Corps faith in me and hard work I progressed from Site Security Manager to Area Supervisor to Contract Manager and now Commercial Manager. I will always be grateful to Corps for helping me grow.’’