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Built on over 163 years of experience, Corps provides specialist security services, across the UK, to ensure the safety of people and property.

As you’d expect, our expertise in security guarding, security monitoring, security consultancy are well known in the industry. What might surprise you is our commitment to the Living wage, our carbon neutral status and the fact that we’re the only major social enterprise in the security sector.

We protect more than you think.


‘‘CBRE and Centrica were looking for a security partner with integrity. One that would strive to do the best not just in relation to the service, but for frontline security teams and could offer wider capability with a personal touch. Having worked with Corps for many years, CBRE knew they could offer all of this and more and they certainly haven’t disappointed. Since taking over the contract the service has gone from strength to strength.’’

‘‘Corps have taken security at the bank on a real journey, guiding us along the way to get the best from our service but also our people. The result of Corps approach has seen an increase in productivity across the service, better ways of working achieved for our teams and a future proof solution based on modern, cutting-edge technology and systems. We know that in Corps we have a true security partner, now and into the future.’’

‘‘We see Corps as a trusted partner, and one that adds a welcome dose of reassurance to our organisation. The company has supported us tremendously in reducing our security costs by working in partnership to deliver an ongoing strategic migration from manned guarding to remote monitoring services wherever possible and without compromising on security.’’



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