A Social Enterprise Business

Security services with social value.

Corps deliver more than simply security, we have a clear social mission – to provide rewarding employment to those who need it. We bring over 160 years of proven social value and are the only major social enterprise in our sector.

Working for us, our colleagues can feel happy that they work for an ethical business that prioritises care for its people and the wider world. And for our customers, working with Corps enables them to boost their own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials and demonstrates genuine diverse spend – contributing to those all-important targets.

Having a real social impact at our core

‘‘We’re excited to welcome one of the oldest social enterprises in the country to our membership. Since their origins supporting troops returning from the Crimean war, Corps Security have shown how a business can have real social impact at its core. Through providing security services for a range of clients from across the private and public sectors they are showing other organisations the real value that can come from partnerships with social enterprise suppliers. We look forward to continuing working with them to help further raise awareness of the benefits of buying social.’’

Peter Holbrook
Chief Executive – Social Enterprise UK

Corps is totally unique

Our special Trust based structure means we are free to adjust the way our business works, for the benefit of our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

With no shareholders, any profits generated by our activities are either reinvested back into our business and our people or are donated to one of our charity partners like Combat Stress.

Combat Stress

Combat Stress has been our official company charity for more than five years.

In the last 12 months alone, our support has funded the organisations helpline for 109 days, taking 4,500 calls, many of which were veterans calling the charity for the very first time.

Corps operate knowing we are doing the right thing – for colleagues, customers and our communities – without compromise.

Combat Stress - Corps Security

Ongoing support from Corps Security

‘‘Since 2016 Combat Stress has greatly benefited from the ongoing support of Corps Security as they recognise our specialist services and the lifechanging work we carry out to treat former servicemen and women across the UK. Not only has Corps generously chosen us as their ongoing charity partner, raising more than £33,000 to date, but following their much-deserved appointment last year as a Social Enterprise they renewed their commitment to support us. Their continued donations will help Combat Stress to meet the needs of those veterans who turn to us for help.’’

Jeff Harrison
CEO Combat Stress

Veterans Supported Via Peer Sessions

Veterans Supported via Peer Sessions

Tonnes of Carbon Offset

Tonnes of Carbon Offset

Living Wage

of Colleagues Earning a Living Wage

Cycle to Work Scheme

Colleagues Using Cycle to Work Scheme

Sheets of Paper Saved

Sheets of Paper Saved via EDOB

20 Years Service

Colleagues with 20+ Years Service


‘‘Here at Zurich, our ambition is to see our procurement systems drive positive social, environmental and ethical outcomes. As a Social Enterprise Corps supports Zurich’s ambitions and understands the importance of putting people and communities first. The organisation’s values and sustainable practices mean they are our partner of choice for security services, and we are looking forward to seeing where our joint social value journey will take us!’’

Social Enterprise Leadership Team

At Corps we are about how we can make a positive difference, through the people we employ, the people we work with and the people we support.

It is important to us to be more than simply security. We are about protecting the things that matter.

“As a social enterprise we strive to make a positive difference to our communities. With no shareholders and a clear social mission, we are able to use our profits to achieve great things.”

Corps Security - Amy Wilkinson

Amy Wilkinson

Social Value Lead

“I feel passionately about giving back where it’s most needed. This passion is supported at Corps because that’s exactly what the business is all about. I’ve seen first hand the difference Corps makes and it pushed me on to do more.”

Corps Security - Salman Shamim

Salman Shamim

Charity Partner Lead