Corps Together

Setting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as an expectation not simply a requirement.

At Corps, we take inclusivity seriously. We aim to create a diverse workforce, welcoming colleagues from all walks of life and with a range of experiences. We truly value the perspectives of all colleagues and use their experiences to shape our strategy. Corps Together, is our unique equality, diversity and inclusion body, which embraces all of this.

Guided by a group of passionate individuals, called Guardians, Corps Together unites our people, giving them a voice and a safe space to share their thoughts, whilst being a pilar for change and EDI advocacy throughout the organisation.

The Nine Protected Characteristics

We focus on all of the nine protected characteristics, making sure that our colleagues are treated fairly, irrespective of their background or how they relate to them. We work to reach these communities, tailoring our activities to meet their needs. Through our Corps Together Guardian taskforce and EDI staff networks, we are able to share thoughts, experiences and ideas throughout our organisation, whilst celebrating key awareness dates each year.

Our Corps Together Charter sets out the commitments we have made to our colleagues in this important area, and the promises we ask them to make to one another. Click here to view the Corps Charter.

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