Corps Security Colleague Charter

An important part of Corps Security’s ethos is that “everyone matters” and we firmly believe that our people are our strongest asset.

Colleague Charter

We believe in loyalty to each other and the company. In order to make sure that all parties understand their commitments we devised our Colleague Charter, which is based around the acronym PRIDE – promise, respect and recognition, information, development and envoys.

  • Promise

Corps Security always endeavours to get pay, holidays, sickness entitlement and expenses right first time – every time. However, if we make a mistake, we promise to rectify it quickly – problems are acknowledged as received within 24 hours with the aim to rectify any issues within 48 hours. Colleagues must also follow company systems, processes and deadlines for reporting issues.

  • Respect and recognition

Everyone must be treated with respect. This means that all of our site-based Colleagues receive a visit from a manager at least once a month and we always acknowledge personal performance that goes beyond the normal course of duty. In addition, we all behave courteously to our Colleagues and customers and are as flexible in our availability as possible.

  • Information

We ensure that all Colleagues are regularly kept up-to-date with what is happening in the company. Any questions or concerns are answered as soon as possible through the appropriate channels.

  • Development

Each year every Colleague receives an appraisal. Appropriate training and development is then provided to ensure that they have the opportunity to develop their career. Everyone is given a personal development plan, which plots out the training, coaching and assistance that they can expect to receive. Internal progression within the company is available to all based on merit and capability.

  • Envoys

We issue every colleague with a uniform so that they always look smart and fresh.  Colleagues are also given the necessary tools to “get the job done” in a safe and professional manner, including all contract specified, site-based equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). At the same time, Colleagues are expected to look neat, tidy and business like and must arrive for work on time every day.

The Corps Security Colleague Charter

  • Applies to everyone who works for the company, whatever their role
  • Instils PRIDE in our company and each other
  • Outlines a commitment to employee career progression
  • Ensures that we provide an enthusiastic, trustworthy, honest and ethical service