Corps Security Colleagues

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a colleague as ‘a person with whom one works in a profession or business’ but at Corps Security we extend this definition to include “someone who we trust, respect and whose best interests we have at heart”.

Circle of Care

We base our business model and the way we operate on a ‘circle of care’. This can be summed up as follows – we look after our colleagues who look after our clients, who, in turn, look after our company by retaining our services long-term.

Everyone matters to us and making sure that all of our employees are given a stimulating and progressive environment to work in and are valued for the contribution they make to our ongoing success, is a primary focus within Corps Security.

It’s why we continually invest in our people, ensuring that that they gain the knowledge and skills needed to grow as individuals and advance their careers. As a result of this investment we have the best trained, most loyal and trusted personnel and we can boast staff retention rates that are the envy of the entire security industry.

In order to make sure that all parties understand their commitments to the company and each other, we devised our Colleague Charter. Based around the acronym PRIDE – promise, respect and recognition, information, development and envoys – it applies to everyone who works for us, whatever their role.

Looking after people as individuals makes us stronger as a unit.

At Corps Security colleagues make the difference

  • A clearly defined and understood circle of care
  • A Colleague Charter that allows all parties to understand their commitments to each other
  • An emphasis on the word  “TEAM”
  • A mutual ethos of trust, respect and loyalty
  • Industry leading levels of staff retention
  • A dedication to employee training, career progression and personal development and wellbeing