Corps Security Developing People

Corps Security is committed to providing its employees with a clearly defined and well-structured career path.

It is our intention to make sure that we offer a level of training and skills-development that enables everybody within the organisation, at every level, to perform their role to the highest standard.

Your View Matters

We understand the value of employee feedback in terms of our training provision so every year we carry out our “Your View Matters” survey to gauge our performance and to identify areas  where improvements can be achieved.

Last year, 78% of respondents felt they had been given sufficient training to do their jobs to a good standard and 96% felt they had enough knowledge about security to do their jobs well. When it came to whether or not there are good opportunities to develop their career with Corps Security, 60% agreed that there were.

We are committed to the development of ground-breaking initiatives that enhance the knowledge and skills of our front-line, operational and support function management teams.  Our award winning “Securing Success” and “Securing Excellence” programmes have been configured and implemented by our human resources (HR) department and developed in conjunction with subject matter experts from across the organisation.

  • Securing Success

“Securing Success” is designed to benefit our junior and middle management Colleagues and consists of six core classroom based modules that are completed over a period of six months. The modules are all delivered by senior members of the company, who impart knowledge and insight about their key areas of expertise.

  • Securing Excellence

“Securing Excellence” is an innovative e-learning programme for front line security guards, comprising 11 on-demand video based modules that can be accessed via a secure online portal. Each video is 20-30 minutes in duration and subjects covered include a history of the company, achieving good customer service, health and safety, fire safety awareness and safe manual handling. Employees can select the modules that are most relevant to them and complete them at their own pace.

Corps Security’s training

  • A focus on personal and career development
  • Ground-breaking initiatives that are designed to enhance knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Given to all front line, operational and support function management teams
  • Every member of the team can have his or her voice heard
  • Flexible e-learning modules that can be accessed on demand
  • Senior members of the company provide their expertise and guidance