People Approach

People are our business.

We value each and every Corps colleague and set the welfare and wellbeing of our workforce as a top priority. We believe that if our employees feel cared for, invested in and appreciated this directly impacts on the service received by our customers.

Our Colleague Charter outlines the commitments we make as a business to our people but also commitments we ask our colleagues to make to one another.

Corps colleagues can expect a lot from us as an employer and rightly so, our reputation for quality and employee satisfaction as well as our low staff turnover rate say’s a lot about our business.

At Corps We Believe:

Everyone deserves a living wage – paying our people fairly and ensuring they are earning a living wage is a basic principle of Corps philosophy. So, we choose to only work with customers who are committed to this value and commit to helping those who want to, get there.

Hands on management support helps progression – our management teams are provided with space to actively engage with front line staff, coaching and mentoring our colleagues to get the very best from their employment with Corps.

Diversity is an expectation, not a requirement – we launched our equality, diversity and inclusion programme to ensure we provide an inclusive working environment that benefits from real diversity. Everyone at Corps is free to be themselves, in the knowledge we will support them whilst using their experiences to shape our strategy.

Contributing and being part of the wider team is key – we rely on knowledge, experience and ideas from across our workforce to help shape our business. Every year we use colleague feedback to set objectives, create plans and improve what we do, in all areas of our organisation.

Having a voice is important but being heard is essential – we don’t just provide our colleagues with the tools to communicate with us, we actually listen when they do. Our annual colleague survey, together with our email hotline and workplace forums allows us to respond to colleague feedback and make changes where they matter most.

Security Guarding Services

  • Physical security guarding

  • Front of house and reception

  • Keyholding and mobile response

  • Canine and dog handling

  • Event security


Years of Experience

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‘’I wanted to say it has not gone unnoticed the increase in service levels since you have taken on the role. Your commitment, communication and response times are consistently above expectation and I think you should get the praise where deserved’’

“Thank you for the service being delivered by Corps. Back when we first met, you spoke about the values of Corps and the calibre of officer that you employ. I can honestly say that here at RoS we are seeing that “talk” being put into practice.’’

Security Guarding Case Study – BNP Paribas

A valued contract for Corps Security, BNP Paribas was fully mobilised in January 2019.

The process was completed very successfully, setting the scene for a mutually beneficial partnership between client and contractor.

The BNP Paribas estate comprises four key building across London, including their flagship premises in Marylebone and operational offices in Moorgate.

One BNP Paribas location is multi-tenanted with the bank operating across 11 of the 24 floors within the building.

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Corps Security - Security Guarding Case Study - BNP Paribas

Our Social Values

People. Planet. Purpose.

A business strategy based on ‘doing the right thing’.

At Corps we have always known we have a special story. As a business founded over 160 years ago, we are the oldest security company in the world. But more than this we were created with a very specific social mission in mind – to provide gainful employment to ex-services personnel. Our very ethos is based on social benefit.


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