Security Consulting

As an integral part of its CorpsConsult division, Corps Security offers a diverse range of specialist security consulting and advisory services.


Professional security qualifications

Our experts possess recognised academic and professional security qualifications and come from a diverse range of corporate backgrounds. In addition, several leading members of the team have served with distinction in the police and military.

Having an effective security solution in place is wholly dependent on being aware of any risks and threats. They might not always be apparent, which is why it pays to have a detailed security survey carried out by a qualified security professional, who can then make any appropriate recommendations and configure a suitable strategy.

Just as importantly, regular reviews of existing security programmes and measures are necessary to maintain adequate safeguards against any risks and threats. A security strategy that was relevant five years ago, might not be today and ongoing threats from terrorism, criminality, and single issue extremists are just a few of the compelling reasons to have corporate contingency and business continuity plans firmly in place.

CorpsConsult can offer these and many other specialist security services including corporate security policy planning and strategy document production, penetration tests, risk and threat assessments and security audits.

The appropriate protection and security of both physical and intellectual property and assets is vital to the survival of any organisation. Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to advise companies on security of their people, property and assets.

CorpsConsult offers

  • Security consulting services
  • Strategic security reviews
  • Security surveys and security audits
  • The development of corporate security policy and strategy documents
  • Risk and threat assessments
  • VIP and executive security both in the UK and overseas
  • Corporate emergency and contingency planning
  • Physical penetration testing to test the efficacy and robustness of physical security measures

Security Consulting