Specialist Security Training

Corps Security recognises that well trained corporate personnel are a key factor in ensuring the safety of people, property and assets. However, getting the right knowledge and skills is not always easy and that’s why our CorpsConsult division has devised a series of security training courses that are delivered by its team of experts.

Security training courses

Our security training courses are suitable for corporate personnel at every level of an organisation. Senior directors and managers, as well as reception staff and personnel carrying out customer facing front-line duties, can all benefit from knowing more about the specific risks and threats they face and how to deal with them.

The courses are:

  • Security Management

This comprehensive security management training course provides a wide-ranging foundation for the skills and insights necessary to carry out this role. It covers a range of subjects including the fundamentals of physical and intellectual security, the key principles of security risk management, and the basics of crisis management.

  • Security Surveying & Auditing

This comprehensive, two-day course is an in-depth study of the dual processes of security surveying and auditing as they relate to public and private sector corporations.

  • Fraud Prevention

This course covers a diverse range of subject matter relating to the causes of corporate fraud. It offers practical guidance about corporate fraud prevention and includes a section on effective personnel vetting.

  • Security at Corporate Special Events

This course has been specifically designed to address the needs of staff responsible for security at special events. The course addresses the conceptual, planning and operational stages, and includes a practical scenario exercise.

  • Security of Mail & Post Rooms

This intensive course provides practical guidance and advice regarding corporate mail and post rooms security. It aims to raise awareness to the potential threats and risks arising from the receipt of threatening unsolicited letters, parcels and deliveries.

  • Security Awareness Training

We offer a varied range of specialist personal safety and security awareness training courses. Our experience shows that to obtain the best results, these courses should be bespoke, designed to meet a client’s specific needs, and/or those of a particular industry or business sector.

CorpsConsult offers

  • Security training courses that are delivered by its team of experts
  • Security management training
  • Special events security training
  • Practical guidance about corporate fraud prevention
  • Audit and site survey training
  • Security Awareness Training

Specialist Security Training