Talent Management

Corps Welcome is proud of its ability to attract the highest calibre people to carry out a range of business support services including reception, front of house, concierge, mailroom, messenger, helpdesk and hosting functions.

Identify, engage, develop and retain

This doesn’t happen by accident and it is only through a careful, consistent and thorough approach to recruitment and talent management that we are able to identify, engage, develop and retain the best possible people.

We know that the service we provide is only as good as our people, so making sure that each and every individual lives up to the very high standards we set ourselves is imperative. We therefore seek out people who share in our values and passion for excellent customer service.

The regular assessment process we carry out on all team members is deliberately rigorous and we:

  • Provide clearly stated baseline requirements
  • Regularly review job descriptions and role profiles to make sure that they meet the needs of our customers
  • Supplement interview and selection practices with rigorous pre-employment evaluation and screening for key roles
  • Carry out a harmonisation process for employment policies and appraisals
  • Encourage customer involvement at shortlisted interview stage

Those who we invite to join the Corps Welcome team are rewarded with the best possible working conditions and a career development and support structure that are second to none.

Employees want to work with us because we are committed to providing them with a clearly defined and well-structured career path. It is our intention to make sure that we offer a level of training and support that enables them to perform their role to the highest standard. By continually investing in them they get the knowledge and skills they need to grow as individuals and advance their careers.

If you think that you can help us maintain our position as the leading provider of business support services, we want to hear from you.

The Corps Welcome approach

  • Identify, engage, develop and retain the very best team
  • Recognise exemplar behaviour through a role model award scheme
  • Build and nurture a culture of ownership, team-working and continuous improvement in all aspects of customer service
  • Demonstrate a commitment to giving all employees the skills, knowledge and support they need and deserve
  • Invest in our people so that they are able to reach their full potential
  • Make sure we have the most well trained, loyal and trusted personnel
  • Industry leading staff retention rates