Security Commissionaires

Corps Security was founded in 1859 and we are proud of our rich and diverse heritage.  

A part of this rich heritage is the Corps of Commissionaires’ distinctive uniform and service for which we are well renowned.

Part of Corps Security’s identity

The term Commissionaire is used to describe a member of Corps Security in the traditional military style uniform which was first worn by the early operational staff of Corps Security. Today, many clients look to us for this distinctive service at many high profile occasions including Royal attendances and VIP occasions.

Known as the ‘Full Shout’ uniform, it is still very much part of Corps Security’s identity. We still boast many ex-military colleagues within our organisation so you truly receive a service that carries stature and presence when requesting our Commissionaire services.

Smart, distinctive and readily identifiable, the Corps of Commissionaires uniform is synonymous with quality. It visually demonstrates that we are proud of our origins and the values of ‘loyalty, integrity, service’ that have always been our motto.

If you’d like us to provide our personnel in this uniform, we’ll be only too happy to oblige. Equally, we can provide the same level of service in a corporate suit or any other attire that is deemed appropriate. Please see our Event Security and Corporate Hospitality page.

Corps Security’s Corps of Commissionaires uniform

  • A military style uniform which originates from that first worn by the early operational staff of the Corps of Commissionaires
  • Truly unique and represents pride in our rich heritage
  • Frequently used by the company’s staff that are used to provide high-profile security for corporate events and special occasions
  • Smart, distinctive and readily identifiable, the commissionaires uniform is synonymous with quality