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At Corps Security we understand that although resource availability and operational capability are vital parts of our service, their effectiveness is diminished without high quality management.

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    Purpose built manpower management system

    To ensure that our service output remains operationally flexible yet legislatively and contractually compliant, our team of professional and highly experienced schedulers is in place to make sure we only deploy correctly trained and appropriately screened personnel.

    Working from within our purpose built, award winning Glasgow Support Centre – which also houses the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) – our dedicated schedulers plan the activities of our site-based security guards in a manner which ensures that:

    • Contracted site coverage is achieved 100 per cent of the time
    • Only personnel that are correctly trained to work in a particular environment are deployed to an assignment
    • Personnel have appropriate levels of screening and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licencing
    • Lone workers are monitored throughout all periods of work in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA)
    • Personnel are only ever assigned duties that comply with EU legislation such as the European Working Time Directive (EWTD).
    • All personnel ‘book-on’ and ‘book-off’ to maintain invoice accuracy and comply with the HSWA.

    All scheduling is organised at the Corps Support Centre using our purpose built manpower management system – PeoplePlanner. Any personnel shortfalls are immediately highlighted, allowing for fast and effective remedial action through the deployment of our highly motivated, appropriately licensed and assignment trained reservists.

    This tried and tested system means that contracts never suffer from any form of under-manning, and our scheduling manager – a key member of our senior operations team – oversees the entire operation.

    As part of our Duty of Care initiative, every one of our officers working alone or in isolation is required to report to our Support Centre hourly via an automated system in order to confirm that they are safe.  On making the call, they are required to enter their own unique PIN number ensuring that they are identified and not under duress.

    This process is carefully monitored by our support team who work in our 24/7 Support Centre in Glasgow. If a call is not processed at the correct time an alert is raised and the Support Team will make contact by telephone to the officer concerned. Every failure is reported to the management team. Should contact not be made the process is rapidly escalated which results in the dispatch of a duty manager to the site to make a physical check of the safety and security of our officer and the premises.

    This process is taken very seriously as it gives our operational management confidence that all colleagues are safe and secure and it assures our site based colleagues that we care for their welfare. This system is so successful that we have a 99.8% fulfillment rate of first time calls.

    The Corps Support Centre ensures

    • A legislatively and contractually compliant operation
    • Industry leading levels of high personnel management
    • Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed manned guards that are correctly screened and trained to work in particular environments
    • 24/7 site coverage
    • Fast and effective remedial action through the deployment of highly motivated, appropriately SIA licensed and assignment trained reservists