Manned Guarding Specialist Services

To complement our main offering, we have developed strategic partnerships with a number of leading specialist security services providers.

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    Corps Security can configure the perfect solution

    This means that whatever the requirement, Corps Security can configure the perfect solution.

    These partnerships allow us to deliver a number of specialist service offerings including:

    • Canine services

    In an emergency it’s all about working fast. Our partnership with experienced dog handler teams means that they can be deployed at short notice in situations where there might be a suspected explosive device or contaminated mail, or in locations where there could be narcotics present.

    • Close protection services

    Close protection is designed for situations where an individual feels threatened. We can provide highly trained experts to minimise the possibility of danger and provide reassurance.

    • Hostile environment accompaniment

    Our expert partners have considerable personal experience of protecting people in a diverse array of hostile environments both in the UK and abroad.

    • Technical counter surveillance services (TCSM)

    Through the use of specialist technology to detect, identify, locate and remove audio and visual devices and bugs within a range of locations, our experts can ensure that information which should be confidential remains that way.

    • Licence provision

    We can provide advice about gaining the appropriate licences for a range of security based activities.

    Corps Security’s specialist services provide

    • Unrivalled levels of knowledge and skills thanks to strategic partnerships with world renowned companies
    • Utilisation of the latest physical security technology and surveillance methods
    • Highly trained professional expertise that will minimise the possibility of danger
    • Perfect integration with our manned guarding activities
    • An assurance that information which should be confidential remains that way