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Corps Security provides a comprehensive range of specialist security services and we are renowned for the quality and expertise of our manned guarding personnel.

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    Our desire to exceed all expectations

    However, we also realise that assigning our high calibre, professional Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed security guards is only part of our job.

    The success we have enjoyed for over 150 years is based on our desire to exceed all expectations due to the extensive support that we provide for every one of our manned guarding contracts.

    Some manned guarding service providers entrust their customers’ assets to less experienced personnel during ‘out-of-hours’ periods. We don’t – we believe that people and property should be protected at all times by people who understand a particular customer’s requirements and are capable of carrying out their work to the highest standards. This ensures effective 24/7 management – not just 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday.

    If an assigned security guard cannot attend site due to illness or annual leave, we also have a team of highly motivated, appropriately licensed and assignment-trained reservists available at short notice to provide cover. Furthermore, stringent monitoring via our Central Support Centre – ensures contractual and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA) compliance.

    As part of our Duty of Care initiative, every one of our officers working alone or in isolation is required to report to our Support Centre hourly via an automated system in order to confirm that they are safe.  On making the call, they are required to enter their own unique PIN number ensuring that they are identified and not under duress.

    This process is carefully monitored by our support team who work in our 24/7 Support Centre in Glasgow. If a call is not processed at the correct time an alert is raised and the Support Team will make contact by telephone to the officer concerned. Every failure is reported to the management team. Should contact not be made the process is rapidly escalated which results in the dispatch of a duty manager to the site to make a physical check of the safety and security of our officer and the premises.

    This process is taken very seriously as it gives our operational management confidence that all colleagues are safe and secure and it assures our site based colleagues that we care for their welfare. This system is so successful that we have a 99.8% fulfillment rate of first time calls.

    We also deploy highly experienced duty managers who are capable of directing effective operational delivery. This means that no matter what occurs, at no matter what time, professional management will be on-hand to assist.

    Corps Security’s operational support and out of hours service means

    • An unrivalled level of professionalism and calibre of security guard 100 per cent of the time
    • A proven and effective management structure that ensures a consistent level of service
    • Highly experienced duty managers who are capable of directing effective operational delivery
    • Stringent monitoring via our Central Support Centre
    • Fast and effective remedial action through the deployment of highly motivated, Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed and assignment trained reservists