Key Holding Services

According to research conducted by Direct Line For Business, more than one million small businesses have been the victim of crime in the past two years.

This means that almost one in four small businesses have been targeted, with burglary being the most common criminal act.

Minimise the potential impact of crime

Many small business do not have the financial resources for a full scale manned guarding operation and some, even though they have an intruder alarm fitted, fail to respond to activations in a timely fashion, if at all.

These are just some of the reasons why Corps Security’s key holding and alarm response services can prove invaluable. Our expertise in this area helps our customers minimise the potential impact of crime carried out against their businesses.

We attend intruder alarm activations, therefore removing any disruption caused by alarm activations, be they false or bona-fide. This eliminates any potential threat to nominated business key holders, who would otherwise have to attend activations at any time of day or night. Another advantage of our key holding service is that it removes the negative impact on businesses caused by over-tired employees who are called out to attend to alarms.

Responding rapidly ensures a reliable and effective resolution to a security breach and we have a proven track record in reacting quickly to incidents.

Corps Security’s key holding services

  • A fast and efficient first response to any incident
  • Issues dealt with on a 24/7 basis
  • Minimise the potential impact of crime carried out against small businesses
  • Keeps our customers’ employees safe and out of danger
  • Ensures a reliable and effective resolution