Covid-19 has presented a mass of uncertainty among businesses with changes in operations and the way we use the workplace, as well as imposing increasing commercial constraints. Is your security provision fit for purpose and cost effective?

Complimentary Security Service Review

As businesses cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many will have buildings previously occupied by thousands of employees that are now only accommodating 100s, 10s of people, or are even vacant altogether.  We also know that budgets are under pressure in new ways and security needs to be commercially effective without compromising on safety. Security solutions must also be agile to meet ever-changing demands and regulations.

In order to support you through the uncertainty and significant impacts of Covid-19, we’re offering all new and existing customers a complimentary security service review to ensure you have cost effective security solutions in place that meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

We’ll conduct an expert assessment of your existing security regime and provide recommendations for enhancements and cost-efficiencies. For example, you might not need a full security provision in buildings that will only be 10% or 20% occupied for the foreseeable future, or you might be able to better utilise existing staff resources by redeployment or with the addition of new technology.

Corps Security’s complimentary, bespoke security service review at a glance:

Step 1 Understanding your current spends & service
Step 2 Review existing security
Step 3 Our recommendations on savings
Step 4 Mobilise – defining the best way forward for your business.

The emphasis will be on finding smarter solutions to meet current and likely near-term needs, taking in considerations of security, health and safety, employee wellbeing and cost-effectiveness for the business.

Within today’s uncertain and challenging context, the choice of business partners becomes critical. In this ‘new normal’, you want a true partner that can be flexible and help you navigate the tides of change rather than simply just a service provider. At Corps, we are ready to help you define and implement a truly fit-for-purpose, resilient security solution that reflects your current needs,  government advice, and one that lays the groundwork for a return to the workplace when that opportunity finally arrives.

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