Corps Awarded Social Enterprise Status

Corps Security – proud to be a certified Social Enterprise – People, Planet, Purpose

Corps are a certified Social Enterprise and are the only major guarding provider in the UK to have this distinctive status.

Ethical, Accountable and Transparent

As the oldest security company in the world, we are unique, but what makes us truly special is that we were established with a very clear social mission – to provide gainful employment to ex-service personnel. Operating as a Trust, we are overseen by a Board of Trustees who safeguard this mission and ensure we stay true to our roots. Our company structure means we have no shareholders who require dividends, allowing us the financial freedom to price competitively and do what’s right for our customers and their businesses.

Working with Corps, our customers, service partners and colleagues are assured that we are ethical, accountable and transparent. As well as being focussed on social value and are dedicated to doing the right thing.

“We were already special in the industry. Having Social Enterprise status does not change the running of our business, it simply gives official recognition to the social mission that we were founded on – it nails our colours to the mast.

Our business principles and ethical standpoint, coupled with our approach to profit distribution and reinvestment make us an appealing service partner to customers who want to demonstrate their own environmental, social and corporate governance credentials. It also makes us an employer of choice for colleagues who are more socially conscious, and truly care about the contribution to society and the wider world”

Gaining Social Enterprise Status

With more and more forward-thinking businesses wanting to use their spending power for good, Corps Social Enterprise status can help them achieve their goals.

  • We can help customers enhance their own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials
  • We can provide a proven commitment to Diverse Supplier Spend
  • We can help customers show a commitment to their shareholders of buying from a Social Enterprise
  • We can offer a creditable charitable outlet, aligned with our own social mission, providing much needed funds to charities helping ex-military personnel
Corps with SE status
Its never been about the bottom line

And… We’re a Hard Act to Follow in the Security Sector

As an ethical and socially conscious business, we’d like nothing more than to see every company offer the ESG benefits we can. But, as it stands, our competitors would find it practically impossible to replicate our Social Enterprise status. Here’s why…

  • They have corporate structures fundamentally unaligned with Social Enterprise
  • They have shareholders who require dividends
  • They would have to change company constitution to reinvest or give away profits
  • This would all require passing of a ‘Special Resolution’ – a 75% shareholder vote in agreement

We are simply streets ahead in terms of offering our customers a future proofed socially responsible option.

“Social Enterprise status brings many benefits. For our business it guarantees that our social mission remains at the very heart of all we do and ensures we continue to operate in an ethical, transparent and accountable way.

It also means our customers can increase their own environmental, social and governance credentials by choosing to work with us. My hope is that together we can achieve great things for our people and our planet whilst supporting our purpose.