We are proud to be regarded as

The employer of choice amongst security guards and, as such, we boast industry leading staff retention rates. Last year our employee turnover rate was just 7% and a massive 81% of our security guards have completed more than two years’ service, with 30% having more than five years’ service.

We believe in loyalty to each other and the company, and in order to make sure that all parties understand their commitments we introduced our Colleague Charter. Based around the acronym PRIDE – promise, respect and recognition, information, development and envoys – it details how employees should treat each other, promise to do what they say they will do, keep each other informed, take responsibility for offering and taking up training opportunities, and present themselves and the company in a positive light.

This ‘circle of care’ can be summed up as follows – we look after our colleagues who look after our clients, who, in turn, look after our company by retaining our services long-term.

We listen to the views and needs of our employees via a number of communication channels, which ensure they are fully informed and engaged with the business. Each year the “Your View Matters” survey gauges our performance in areas such as training and career development. Our ‘open door’ policy is highlighted by ColleagueConfidential where Corps Security’s chief operations officer Mike Bullock’s telephone number and email address are available to all employees. They are invited to feed back ideas, opinions and suggestions straight to him.

We also offer first-class training and skills development through the award winning “Securing Success” and “Securing Excellence” programmes and each employee is given a personal career development path, with guidance and support from our human resources team.

Being a Corps Security employee means

  • Having industry leading career prospects
  • Enjoying shared values of responsibility and ownership
  • Working for a company with industry leading staff retention rates
  • First-class training and skills development
  • Being part of an organisation that listens to its employees
  • Having a clearly defined career path
  • Contributing to the company’s ongoing success
  • Being part of an organisation that is truly unique