Corps Security Workplace

Everyone matters to Corps Security and we understand that the service we provide can only ever be as good as  the people that we deploy.

As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda we continually invest in our employees (our Colleagues) and ensure that that they are given the requisite support and encouragement needed to enhance their careers.


Corps Security actively promotes diversity and we have a zero tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind.



Corps Security’s key operational objective is to ensure the security, safety and wellbeing of our customers’ people, property and assets.



At Corps Security we believe it is important to have clearly defined and communicated corporate policies for every aspect of our operation.


Opportunity to Progress

Each year every Colleague receives an appraisal. Appropriate training and development is then provided to ensure that they have the opportunity to progress. Everyone is given a personal development plan, which plots out the training, coaching and assistance that they can expect to receive.

In order to ensure that all parties understand their commitments in this respect we have developed our Colleague Charter, which is based around the acronym PRIDE: promise, respect and recognition, information, development and envoys.

The contents of this Charter apply to everyone who works for the company, whatever their role, and instils a sense of community and togetherness. It also helps us to provide an enthusiastic, trustworthy, honest and ethical service for our valued customers.

Everyone must be treated with respect. This means that all of our site-based employees receive a visit from a manager at least once a month and we always acknowledge personal performance that goes beyond the normal course of duty.

These are just some of the reasons why we have staff retention levels that are unrivalled in the security industry.

Corps Security’s commitment to a supportive workplace

  • Everyone matters
  • Each year every employee receives an appraisal
  • An environment that is based on meritocracy and inclusiveness
  • A Colleague Charter that instils PRIDE in our company and each other
  • Continual investment in training and career development
  • Highest standards of professionalism
  • Everyone is treated with respect