Corps Consult at EBRD

A robust security solution.

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) has been a valued Corps Security customer since 2015. The security and front of house contract is complex and as the premises has diplomatic status, has many specific protocols which ensure the safety of the bank’s people, property and wider assets.


The range of services provided at the bank by the Corps Consult team are vast and cover all areas such as security reviews and analysis, site resourcing and deployment plans, training and security awareness and wider security industry engagement which contribute to a robust security solution.


The team has conducted thorough risk and resilience reviews across the premises, analysing local crime rates and international terror threat relevant to the bank. Reviews have also included post assessments which identify efficiencies in resource deployment to ensure optimum security guarding is achieved.

The work of Corps Consult in this area has achieved many critical security improvements which have helped EBRD mitigate undue risk and protect their reputation. This has included the repositioning of front of house security teams to enhance their visibility and improve their effectiveness in managing access and egress as well as adjustments to CCTV to provide added visibility across more vulnerable areas of the building.

Another key element of services provided by Corps Consult is the training and ongoing education of our site-based security colleagues, as well as key EBRD stakeholders. Corps Consult has designed and delivered several bespoke training courses and workshops to target specific areas of concern and improve the knowledge and the confidence of those responsible for security.

Corps Security - Security Consultancy Case Study - EBRD


In Corps Consult EBRD have a team of trusted security advisors who are focussed on supporting the bank in the protection of not just assets and reputation but in the protection of their people, which will always be the organisations first priority.

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‘‘Working with Corps Consult has achieved huge benefits for EBRD. We feel we have a true partnership with the team, who’s focus is on constantly improving and enhancing what we do for the bank. Corps Consult deliver professional and reliable support – from security reviews to specialist training – what the team provide has always exceeded my expectations.’’