Manned Guarding Savings Calculator

Create a cost effective security model that reflects the changing landscape of your business.

Security is business critical, especially as companies plan how they will facilitate the return to the workplace. For many businesses this will present a significantly different landscape to before March 2020 with lower building services costs demanded, alongside new more flexible ways of working which may change a building’s layout or even the entire estate. That’s why we’ve created our manned guarding savings calculator.

Find Out How Much You Could Save While Paying Your Officers More

Simply enter your manned guarding hourly charge rate and the number of security hours below and see how your security costs could be significantly reduced by integrating security monitoring solutions to protect your premises, assets and people allowing you to pay your security officers the Living Wage with all the associated business benefits.

Manned Guarding Savings Calculator

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Manned Guarding Savings Calculator

“Corps led us through a detailed review of our client’s needs and the best options for meeting these in a changed landscape. We were able to discuss four possible routes to realising service efficiencies and cost savings. Reconfiguring hours and shifts were identified as the best option as there was no additional risk posed to the organisation or the safety and wellbeing of its people. The cost savings were a welcome benefit.

“An evaluation was carried out of the building layout and key areas of risk and vulnerability, with the Corps team assessing the resourcing needs as opposed to required duties. Once critical resourcing levels had been identified, in line with the building’s risk profile, we then looked at adding resilience and enhancing duties. It was highlighted that by switching a night shift to a day shift and providing cover in areas only when needed that real efficiencies could be introduced. 184 hours of security were removed from the roster, achieving an annual saving of around £140,000.”

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    Manned Guarding Savings

    Corps Security understands that security represents a considerable spend for many organisations. With our manned guarding savings calculator, you can reevaluate your spend and adopt fit-for-purpose, cost-effective security solutions through a blend of physical security and remote monitoring technology. The same level of protection, at a significantly lower cost.

    Corps Security has a unique advantage within the industry as we are experts in both manned guarding and remote monitoring with our NSI gold accredited Corps Monitoring alarm receiving centre (ARC).  We can advise you on the most efficient and financially viable security solutions for your organisation’s needs and manage the entire process in-house, from concept through to delivery. This gives you confidence that your revised solution really works for you at both a protective and commercial level.

    “We know companies are laden with financial concerns about the costs associated with their premises. As a trusted security partner for more than 162 years, we are ready to help implement financially-attractive, resilient and agile security measures that don’t compromise on safety and fully protect our customers’ investments, buildings and people.” Mike Bullock, CEO of Corps Security

    Manned Guarding From Corps Security

    • An unrivalled level of professionalism and calibre of licenced security guard
    • Personnel who are correctly trained and screened
    • A proven and effective management structure that ensures a consistent level of service
    • Flexible manned guarding services to meet long-term, short-term and temporary requirements
    • Extensive management information provision through a suite of performance data reporting processes
    • Security services that are designed to offer unrivalled levels of operational support on a 24/7 basis
    • Expertise in providing manned guarding services for a diverse range of industries and business sectors
    • A wide range of specialist services that complement our manned guarding activities