Manned Guarding Savings

Are you looking to achieve manned guarding savings?

Create a cost effective security model that reflects your changing organisation. As organisations plan their return to the formal workplace after the pandemic, the security world has changed significantly.

Manned Guarding Savings

Some of the modifications we saw during the pandemic – more mobile patrols, different shifts and levels of cover and particularly the increased use of technology – will endure as organisations adapt to new ways of using their corporate real estate.

Businesses are looking at their property portfolio in a different way from how they did before Covid. They want lower property running costs but also more flexible ways of using their buildings as people explore more hybrid models of work, combining home with the formal workplace. As a result organisations are looking for a more flexible approach from their security partners.

Manned Guarding Savings Calculator

This is why Corps Security has launched our manned guarding savings calculator. It helps organisations to make sensible decisions around their security provision to enable them to plan for an uncertain post-Covid world.

Building and security professionals simply enter their manned guarding hourly charge rate and the number of security hours and click to see how their security costs could be reduced by integrating security monitoring solutions with professional security officers to protect premises, assets and people.

Manned Guarding Savings Calculator

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    A Blended Approach To Your Security

    Because Corps provides both manned guarding and remote monitoring security services, we’re ideally placed to be able to advise on the best blend for your organisation – other security companies will always favour either manned guarding or security monitoring, never an integrated security approach.  This gives you the confidence that a blended solution really works for you, both in terms of the security level offered and the associated investment.

    Through Corps Security’s intuitive customer portal, Corps Secure, organisations can have clear line of sight of both their manned guarding and monitoring service making it a completely integrated approach. It’s one dashboard to view manned both manned guarding and monitoring.

    Manned Guarding Savings Means Better Pay For Security Officers

    As well as reducing costs for your organisation, a blended approach to security using security monitoring to complement security officers, allows officers to be paid in line with the Living Wage, essentially increasing their pay where it is below Living Wage levels. This properly rewards them for their hard work, increases their morale and ensures good staff retention.  Corps Security is a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider and our  CEO Mike Bullock is a member of the Living Wage Foundation’s Recognised Service Provider Leadership Group.

    As an organisation which has been around for 162 years, we take our responsibility to our people very seriously. The Corps of Commissionaires Management, now Corps Security, was initially created to provide employment for ex-servicemen on return from the Crimean War. Our people are at the heart of everything we do. The values of loyalty, integrity and service that were when Corps Security was first founded are as relevant to us today as they were then. They are the cornerstones of our corporate ethos as the UK’s most established and respected security services provider.

    We play a key role in the communities we operate in and support military charities in particular Combat Stress, the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health, and The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA), the UK’s oldest national tri-service military charity.

    A More Flexible Approach To Security

    We know companies have financial concerns about their security and facilities costs. At the same time, they’re looking for more flexible ways of using their portfolios as their people explore alternative  models of work, combining home with the office. As a result they are looking for a more flexible approach to their security.

    It’s completely without obligation, so why not see what you could save with your manned guarding security costs while also providing the right level of security for your business into the post-pandemic world?

    What Our Customers Say About Our Manned Guarding Savings Calculator

    Although it’s relatively new, our manned guarding savings calculator is already receiving fantastic feedback from the industry:

    “Corps led us through a detailed review of our client’s needs and the best options for meeting these in a changed landscape. We were able to discuss four possible routes to realising service efficiencies and cost savings. Reconfiguring hours and shifts were identified as the best option as there was no additional risk posed to the organisation or the safety and wellbeing of its people. The cost savings were a welcome benefit.“ Procurement Director, CBRE

    “An evaluation was carried out of the building layout and key areas of risk and vulnerability, with the Corps team assessing the resourcing needs as opposed to required duties. It was highlighted that by switching a night shift to a day shift and providing cover in areas only when needed that real efficiencies could be introduced. 184 hours of security were removed from the roster, achieving an annual saving of around £140,000.”

    Why not join these success stories and use the manned guarding savings calculator to rightsize your security provision?

    Manned Guarding From Corps Security

    • An unrivalled level of professionalism and calibre of licenced security guard
    • Personnel who are correctly trained and screened
    • A proven and effective management structure that ensures a consistent level of service
    • Flexible manned guarding services to meet long-term, short-term and temporary requirements
    • Extensive management information provision through a suite of performance data reporting processes
    • Security services that are designed to offer unrivalled levels of operational support on a 24/7 basis
    • Expertise in providing manned guarding services for a diverse range of industries and business sectors
    • A wide range of specialist services that complement our manned guarding activities