Mobile & First Responder Services

A rapid response is vital in order to ensure a reliable and effective resolution to any security breach.

Corps Security’s mobile patrol and first responder services are designed to do just that and we have a proven track record in reacting quickly to incidents such as break-ins and alarm activations.



According to research conducted by Direct Line For Business, more than one million small businesses have been the victim of crime in the past two years.

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Fast mobile based first response

We also believe that duty managers should be available to deal with any issues on a 24/7 basis. Our duty managers are located within our locally based operating centres and can provide a fast mobile based first response to an incident at whatever time of day or night they are required. They are also able to carry out property checks to qualify whether an incident is a genuine cause for concern.

Our duty managers are fully trained and have the following skills:

  • The ability to manage an emergency situation in the best way possible
  • Man management experience to ensure that resources can be deployed most effectively
  • The ability to diffuse any potentially volatile situation
  • A high standard of operational capability and competency
  • A heightened understanding of risk and asset protection
  • The ability to make timely contract-critical decisions  

Corps Security’s mobile and first responder services

  • A fast and efficient first response to any incident
  • Duty managers available to deal with any issues on a 24/7 basis
  • Excellent man management and resource deployment
  • High standard of operational capability and competency
  • Locally based operating centres
  • A dedicated team of mobile patrol officers for London