Consulting, Investigation & Specialist Training

At Corps Security we are able to provide specialist security consulting services through our CorpsConsult division. We offer a wide range of consulting, investigative and training services that will enhance security and risk management.


As an integral part of its CorpsConsult division, Corps Security offers a diverse range of specialist security consulting and advisory services.

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From time to time businesses or organisations can require the support of trained corporate investigators.

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Corps Security recognises that well trained corporate personnel are a key factor in ensuring the safety of people, property and assets.

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Professional security qualifications

Our consultants hold recognised academic and professional security qualifications and come from a diverse range of corporate backgrounds. Several leading members of the team have served with distinction in the police and military in the UK and overseas.

Headed up by noted industry expert, Mike Bluestone CSyP, CorpsConsult concentrates on three key areas – consulting, specialist training and investigation.

CorpsConsult’s consulting services include strategic security reviews, the development of corporate security policy and strategy documents, risk and threat assessments and security audits. We possess the knowledge and expertise to advise companies on the security of their people, property and assets through all available means.

Our services can be used by organisations looking to carry out due diligence in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, and the examination of corporate fraud and financial impropriety. We can also help you identify areas of risk by carrying out thorough and discreet checks on backgrounds and reputations. Our services in this area also include personnel screening and vetting.

To complement these activities we offer a variety of specialist training courses that are delivered by our own in-house specialist experts. These courses can be designed to meet a client’s specific needs, and/or those of the particular industry or business sector. Subjects include security management, security auditing, fraud prevention, strategic security and security awareness training.

CorpsConsult offers

  • Strategic security reviews
  • The development of corporate security policy and strategy documents
  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Security audits and penetration tests
  • Operational fraud and financial investigations
  • Discreet corporate research
  • Personnel vetting
  • Specialist training courses delivered by experts